Exhibition Stands and Exhibition Stands Design in IRAN and IRAQ.


Custom standsCustom stands

Custom stands allow unlimited design options as they are hand-made from wood, iron, glass, and Plexiglas. Custom exhibition stands can project the company’s corporate identity through unique design, while transmitting a clear marketing message to the audience. Impressive custom exhibition stands can be constructed giving the booth a memorable and eye-catching presentation. Custom stands can provide more visibility on the fairground, leadership image and perfect implementation of corporation identity in the concept if they are professionally designed.
“Winning concepts are solutions based on beauty which is a secret ingredient that makes a booth design go further as a trade fair presentation, giving visitors a singular experience. Good design creates emotion for the brand or product.”

Modular Standard Aluminium Exhibition Stand for Trade ShowOctanorm modular stands

Octanorm or offer pre-fabricated panels which are mounted together in a modular way. System stands have very limited design possibilities as they are plain panels. There are also limitations to build plain walls, since the walls have metal connections, making large graphics a difficult challenge. System booths look two-dimensional. The colors cannot be customized to the company’s corporate colors as the systems are limited to a small range of available colors. This kind of structures stands are very cheap in comparison to custom built stands. We believe in the pushing the boundaries of imagination & our motive is to provide you the most elegant exhibition stands. The Octanorm system is the leading structural exhibit system in the world and the perfect solution for any exhibitor and event organizer holding an exhibition, consumer or trade show.


• VIP Packages
• CIP Packages
• Counter chairs
• Refrigerators
• Water dispensers
• Catalog stands
• Bar stools
• kettle and tea makers


Studies show that people prefer to face walls that are well lit. They like to see brightness. Brightness can help focus attention which is especially useful when creating focal points on your exhibition. Increasing the brightness contrast between your stand’s focal point and the surrounding will create a bigger impact.
Therefore, our experts will illustrate your booth with best methods in order to make it winning stand.

Maxima modular stands

Maxima is a relatively modern exhibition structure which has the potential of modular use for manufacturing pavilions or group stands. Manufacturing modular stands with the Maxima system can provide more selective facilities, besides beauty and more strength, for the exhibitors.
All components necessary of an exhibition stand such as information tables, stands, or display products window, body, rooms for negotiations, vertical or horizontal elements in large sizes, light walls and many other cases can be achieved through this system. We thrive to attract a huge number of customer potential to your stand & in order to attain that our designers discuss with you all the aspects of maxima stands. A modular stand, is not a custom stand.

Trade Show Graphics

• Large Format Printing
• Booth Graphics
• Wall Graphics
• Light Box Graphics
• Hanging Signs
• Overhead Banners
• Tension Fabric
• Vinyl Cut Letters and Logos
• 3-Dimensional Letters
• Graphic Design


A variety of designs are available within our floor range. From carpet tiles to floating boards, our modular solutions can be tailored to suit your needs.
The elevated floor stand is an exhibition stand with an extra floor, carpet or laminate cover and steel frame for extending surface.
The floor stand adds extra status to a company and increases the VIP-feeling of guests. It offers the opportunity to invite good relations and interesting prospects up. Usually this floor has a hospitality function, it could however also be used as presentation area.


Color is light and light is energy. Scientists have found that actual physiological changes take place in human beings when they are exposed to certain colors. Colors can stimulate, excite and create a feeling of warmth or coolness. This is known as chromo dynamics.
Sometimes colors affect each other in unexpected ways. For example, most colors, when placed next to their complements, produce vibrating, electric effects. Other colors, in the right combinations, seem quite different from what you’d expect.
Color is a big part of your exhibition stand graphics. While text and shapes will help create your message, it is color that will set the tone. Did you know that over 90% of consumers identify color as the primary reason for purchasing a product? That’s why color is so important, whether you are designing a sign for a storefront or perfecting your exhibition stand artwork.