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April 19, 2017
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A budget will provide the basis for measuring and establishing your return on investment.

As exhibitors, you must be clear about the reason you are exhibiting in the first place. What will be your prospects, the overall cost of exhibiting, and the profit?

Don’t waste money on the things you don’t need. Spend your budget wisely. Get advice from those in the business. Talk to your Exhibition Company. They will be able to help you concentrate on the right areas to best achieve your sales targets. Many companies focus on the wrong places.

The biggest and best looking stand in the show will not make any sales unless you have a well trained,skilled and knowledgeable sales team to make contacts and create leads.

Money spent on great looking signage for instance may be far more profitable if spent on staff training .After all, a person can communicate much better than a sign.

Things you need to consider in your budget:


Some examples of what your goals may be:
• Registration & space hire
• Stand design & build
• Graphics & signage
• Shipping to and from the show
• Insurance
• Install and dismantling
• Electrics
• Flooring
• Audio Visual
• Staffing
• Travel and Accommodation
• Marketing (materials and time)
Be careful not to leave anything out of your budget and be aware that, if you plan to exhibit again, it can
vary from show to show as your requirements and knowledge of the medium change.